Fink Upgrade Matrix

(For OS X versions>= 10.2)

Same OS:

All current versions of Fink can be upgraded in place to the latest release for the corresponding Mac OSX version, i.e. do not download the new installer!

Check the version of Fink you have by running "fink --version" in a Terminal window.

You can compare this to the latest available versions for your OS at the package database.

Binary Update

Update through dselect: Choose "[U]pdate", then "[I]nstall", or by running "sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".

Or in FinkCommander, run "Update" followed by "Dist-Upgrade" (both in the Binary menu).

Source Update

Run "fink selfupdate".

Or in FinkCommander, run Source->selfupdate.

New OS version:

Each OS X update has required a different strategy, and specific instructions will be noted on the main page to elucidate whatever is required.

Binary Update

  1. Update Fink as above in the Binary Update item within the Same OS section to the latest version for your current OS.
  2. If you think you may build from source at some point, you should remove your old Developer Tools by running "/Developer/Tools/" in a terminal.
  3. Update the OS.
  4. Update Fink and the rest of your packages again, as above.
  5. Then if you decide to build anything from source install a Developer Tools (XCode) version appropriate for your OS.

Source Update

The general strategy (valid for all supported OS versions as of this writing) is as follows:

  1. Update Fink to the latest appropriate version supported by your OS (as above in the Source Update item in the Same OS section)--you need not turn on the unstable tree.
  2. Remove your old Developer Tools by running "/Developer/Tools/" in a terminal.
  3. Then update your OS.
  4. Now install an appropriate Developer Tools (XCode) version.
  5. Run "/sw/lib/fink/" in a terminal--this will redirect Fink to the correct distribution for your OS version.
  6. Run "fink scanpackages" in the terminal (Source->scanpackages for Fink Commander users).
  7. Run "sudo apt-get update" in the terminal (Binary->update).
    (The above two commands get rid of binary-distribution related errors.)
  8. Run "fink selfupdate" in the terminal (Source->selfupdate).
  9. Run "fink update-all" in the terminal window (Source->update-all).

    This is necessary to ensure that all of your packages will actually run on your new OS version. You may need to repeat this command to get all of the new packages built.