Organization of Fink

The Fink project works through volunteers, and a fairly loose organizational structure. At present, the Fink Core Team and the Fink Translators are the most highly organized groups within the Fink project.

The Fink Core Team

The Fink Core Team is responsible for several aspects of central management of the Fink project. Team members work on the fink program itself and coordinate contributions of others to that program; they serve as Maintainers for all of the "essential" packages in the Fink collection, and ensure that bootstrapping with these essential packages works; they manage releases of the fink program and related programs; they manage creation and release of major fink distributions, including the source and binary distributions. They also help to coordinate the other groups of volunteers who work on the Fink project.

The current Fink Core members are Augusto Devegili, Alexander Hansen, Max Horn, Daniel Macks, David R. Morrison, Benjamin Reed and Dave Vasilevsky. They can be reached at <>.

The Fink Translators

Description coming soon...